「JURAKU WHOLE TREAT SPA」 is a room spa service.
JURAKU WHOLE TREAT SPA creates a relaxing time with the original method & flow incorporating ten treatment massage techniques. Using the fragrance of four seasons and ten beautiful organic essential oils the experience will be a unique Kyoto experience leaving you feeling relaxed.
Opening Hours:4:00pm—8:30pm (Last Entry)
※You can have「JURAKU WHOLE TREAT SPA」in room #5 ,#7, #9 and #10.
Single Plan
Short Course Body Treatment「KOUU」Single 
Total Time 90 minutes / 18,000 yen
Setting, Consultation, 60 minutes parts choice massage & energy care, Foot Bath, Counselling, Tea
Highly recommend for those who want a light‐hearted, relaxing treatment. Your time with us will be the an unforgettable experience after our ten treatment massage techniques.
You can choose from (①Whole Back light Treatment, ②Back & Shoulder Deep Cleanse, ③Legs Deep Cleanse, ④Arms, Decollete & Head Deep Cleanse).
Signature Body Treatment「JURAKU」Single 
Total Time 150 minutes / 32,000 yen
Setting, Consultation, 120 minutes Full Body Oil Massage & Energy Care, Foot Bath, Counselling, Tea
We provide a whole body treatment and head massage therapy to alleviate fatigue, stiffness and loosen the body part where there may be tension.
Head & Eye Therapy 「JIU」 
Total Time 30 minutes / 5,000 yen
※Option menu combine with Body Treatment
Pair Plan
Short Course Body Treatment「KOUU」Pair 
Total Time 90 minutes / 35,000 yen
Pair Plan special offer
Signature Body Treatment「JURAKU」Pair 
Total Time 150 minutes / 60,000 yen
For your special moment
JURAKU WHOLE TREAT SPA Directed by Nagisa Teshima for WHOLE TREAT SPA Inst.
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