“SHIKI JURAKU” is located in a quiet residential area
in the west side of Kyoto Imperial Palace.
We hope you enjoy your stay in the 10 different Machiya townhouses with a history of nearly 100 year
that carries along the tradition but values innovation at the same time.
Kyoto is a city known for its rich history and is always seeking for something new.
The city is composed of its great aesthetic appreciation of tradition,
the seasons and festivals that have been cultivated by the local citizens,
in harmony with nature, from a more ancient time.

To provide guests the best experience at Four Seasons in Kyoto,
we dedicate ourselves to our unique service, “Ju-no-Raku” meaning “Ten Delight”,
from which the hotel deprives its name “SHIKI JURAKU”.

With their distinctive and creative mind and technique,
“Ten Talents” will create “Ten Delight”.
We aim to be your hotel of choice whenever you come back to stay in Kyoto no matter what the season.