At 「Shiki-Juraku」, our hospitality consists of services directed by 10 different talents.
With their distinctive techniques and creative minds, the “Ten Talents” will create “Ten Delights”.
In medieval Japan, “Raku” was referred to as a special space that guarantees people of their freedom.
Kyomachiya Hotel Shiki-Juraku offers “Ju-Raku”; Ten delightful services that will allow you to escape from the stresses of daily life, experience “Time in Kyoto” at the “Heart of Kyoto”.
Curated by our creative director Shigeo Goto, the ten distinct talents provide our excellent services.

1. “MI-RAKU” Delight of Taste …… Western style breakfast directed by Kimiko Hiyamizu

2. “BI-RAKU” Delight of Beauty …… Contemporary photographic artworks by Taisuke Koyama

3. “KA-RAKU” Delight of Flower …… Seasonal flowers directed by florist Hayato Nishiyama

4. “SHO-RAKU” Delight of Design …… Gate and Salon designed by Tsuyoshi Tane

5. “SHITSU-RAKU”Delight of Space …… Furniture selected by Kazuto Kobayashi

6. “GA-RAKU”Delight of Graphic …… Hotel curtains and logo designed by Kazuya Takaoka

7. “TEI-RAKU”Delight of Garden …… Garden trees designed by Seijun Nishihata

8. “SHIN-RAKU”Delight of Body …… Machiya style spa directed by Nagisa Teshima

9. “SO-RAKU”Delight of Equipment …… Hoor cushions using organically dyed Fabrics by Haruka Nomura

10. “DOKU-RAKU”Delight of Reading …… Publication on Kyoto selected by Mitsumura-Suiko-Shoin
1. “MI-RAKU”
Delight of Taste
A Peasant Meal
Kimiko Hiyamizu
Kimiko Hiyamizu is in charge of the breakfast served at Shiki Juraku. She takes full advantage of the original taste of seasonal ingredients.
2. “BI-RAKU”
Delight of Beauty
Pleasant Beauty
Taisuke Koyama
Taisuke Koyama makes photographic works by capturing organic phenomenon from the continuously changing city.
Delight of Flower
Pleasant Flower
Hayato Nishiyama
Hayato Nishiyama handles wild grasses, flowers, and pottery for the Japanese art of flower arrangement.
Delight of Design
Pleasant Artistry
Tsuyoshi Tane
©Alexandre Isard
Tsuyoshi Tane who has created a new home for the Estonian National Museum designed our symbolic gate and the red room salon.
Delight of Space
Pleasant room
Kazuto Kobayashi
Kazuto Kobayashi runs the store where he treats functional and practical housewares. He selected the furniture at Shiki-Juraku.
Delight of Graphic
Pleasant imagery
Kazuya Takaoka
Kazuya Takaoka designed our logotype and shop curtain. His successful career includes; art director for Shiseido, Burberry, The French edition of Vogue and more.
Delight of Garden
Pleasant Garden
Seijun Nishihata
Seijun Nishihata selected the trees present in our garden. He is the 5th owner of a successful wholesale garden-plants business, since the late Edo Period.
Delight of Body
Pleasant Body
Nagisa Teshima
Let your body melt into the massage by Nagisa Teshima. She is the original proposer of palm and foot sole massage.
Delight of Equipment
Pleasant Equipment
Haruka Nomura
Haruka Nomura offers the Japanese cushions dyed with natural plant dyes.
Delight of Reading
Pleasant Reading
The books at Shiki-Juraku are selected by Mitsuura-Suiko-Kosho.
Mitsuura-Suiko-Kosho was founded over 120 years. 「Kyoto Techo」is a recent big-hit, it is a day planner and diary book full of information about Kyoto including dates and explanations about festivals and ceremonies as well as practical information like bus maps and basic information about temples and shrines.